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3. Storytelling and storyline

The basic pattern of a story consists of three parts, which can be described in the simplest form as beginning, middle, end. Or perhaps more precisely: initial situation, complication, resolution.


The archetypical pattern stories

  • Hero’s Journey
  • Defeat the monster
  • From dishwasher to millionaire
  • The Quest
  • The journey and return
  • The Comedy
  • The Tragedy
  • The rebirth 

#Building the storyline with the storytelling template.

The Leader Thread

Every story needs:

  1. An occasion or an emotionally gripping initial situation. Context of the story (links below).
  2. A sympathetic main character (hero) with whom viewers can identify. 
    This is complemented by an antagonist (anti-hero, cause of conflict). This does not have to be a person. (center bottom)
  3. An exciting „journey“ through conflicts and obstacles. (Climbing the mountain)
  4. A climax in which the conflict is resolved and a perceptible change occurs in the main character or a situation. (Summit and descent from the mountain)
  5. The message that everyone should take away. (Bottom right)