9. Q&A with Creator

#KURZERKLÄRT #Process Setup for Creator Q&A To make the Q&A as smooth and effective as possible for you, you still need to do the following things: Register your team for one of the two sessions. In order for the creator to view your video in advance, please upload it to the appropriate folder by Sunday […]

7. Review Storyline and Storyboard

One of the fundamentals of the agile approach, and indeed of any successful development, is repeated and focused iteration. Starting with sharpening and improving the storyline and storyboard.

1.2 Commitment

We want DigitalSchoolStory to be seen as a learning space where everyone is free to experiment.

8. Video tips

Here are a few tips for the right setting from actress, speaker and trainer for body language and appearance Yvonne de Bark.
But remember: Every rule can be broken!

1.4 Feedback

Feedback is open feedback to a person or a group about how their behavior is perceived and interpreted by others. Regular use of the feedback technique creates more openness and clarity in relationships and can thus help to improve communication in everyday school life.

6.1 Speeddating

In the second part, the impulse is given by the participants by means of so-called speed dating. It represents a first user survey, so to speak.

6.2 Blueprint

This part is about giving the participants another impulse for the following revision.
For this purpose, watch the videos, discuss them briefly, but remember:
It’s just an example – your creativity has no limits.


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