#short explained

4. Storyboard

In the storyboard, the implementation of the storyline in a film is planned. This can be done by drawing or in writing or in combination.



Ask yourselves:

  • What kind of film do we want to make?
    (Stop-motion video, interview dialogue, acting…).
  • Do we have a dialogue? What is it? Who says what?
  • How many scenes are there and what are they?
  • Are requisites (materials for the set) needed?
  • What are the best camera angles?
  • What lighting, what location will support our message?
  • Who will play what role on the team? (actors in front of and behind the camera)

What will you implement your storyboard as?

  • Text
  • Drawings
  • Video snippets


Get organized with the KanBan board!