#short explained

1.0 Overview

Road of DigitalSchoolStory in 12 Steps
Week 1+21.1hourProject intro, group identification, topic distribution, agile way of working
3.1hourFinding storyline and red thread
Week 34.1.5hoursStoryboard creation
0.5hourRetrospektive – End of first section
Week 4+55.3hours1. Shooting and editing
6.at the endShowing blueprint of creator by teacher/team
7.1hour„Speeddating“, revise storyline & storyboard
Week 68.2hours2. Shooting and editing
Week 79.1hourQ&A with TikTok creator
1hour„Topic feedback“ + retrospektive – End of second section
Week 810.2hours3. Shooting and editing (final)
Week 911.1hourVideo presentation
12.1hourDiscussion and summary of all findings
18hoursWhole pilot
1hourDebriefing / Feedback to #DigitalSchoolStory