5.2 First Shooting and Editing

The first shooting is the beginning of the second phase of the DigitalSchoolStory project.


Attention, experiments!
The first shooting.

This first shoot is an experimental space for each participants. You get to try out whether you can implement their idea according to the planned storyboard and also translate the desired story effect into images. And you realize what you really need for this.

Topics such as editing, format and technique are usually solved by yourselve in the team. You know Tiktok and video content, and if not, go and watch and get familiar with effects in videos. If you have questions, try to develop solutions together, or consult with another teams.

Details and approach: Potential barriers

Perhaps you will encounter barriers you hadn’t considered – that’s a good development! This allows all of you to improvise and re-plan in the next steps. This first shooting is a playground and the result is a prototype – be confident and encourage yourself to just try it out.

If special locations, settings, or props are needed: Check availability and feasibility. Public locations may require permission – if you need help with this, there is always a contact person.

Have fun and learn: The prototypes

Each of you will gather many new ideas through these first shoots and may already be making changes to your storyboards. A good basis for the retrospective and the further steps!

Technical Apps

Basically, the on-board resources of the operating systems (mobile/desktop) are sufficient for the implementation of the project.

Apps for tablet and mobile(BYOND):

  • iMovie (iOS/MacOS)
  • BeeCut (Android/iOS)
  • VideoShow (Android/iOS)
  • SparkVideo (Android/iOS)
  • VivaVideo (iOS)
  • TikTok (Android/iOS)
  • InShot (Android/iOS

Desktop editing software:

  • Video Editor (Win10)
  • iMovie (iOS/MacOS)
  • OpenShot (Win10/MacOS/Linux)


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