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1.3 Agile method

#First element

Kanban board

The Kanban Board is a tool to better organize the work in the team. At any time the current work status of the project is visible. The board is continuously updated during the work in the project, so that the work process of the team is also documented.

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01. KanbanBoard

#Second element

Daily standup

At the beginning of each work phase, the team meets for the Daily Stand Up in front of the Kanban Board. The Daily Stand up is limited in time by a so-called Time Boxing.

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02. Daily Standup



Each team member answers three questions:

  • What did I do in the last work phase?
  • What will I do in today’s work phase?
  • Who sat on the bench during the game?
  • What challenges do I have?

#Third Element

Team Retrospective

A retrospective is a look back. In your retrospective, you should look back on your work in the team. The goal is to constantly improve this work. Take a close look at what went really well and what you can still improve. It’s not about evaluating your result, the storyboard or the video, but only your collaboration as a team.

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03. Retrospective


Die Regeln

When doing a retrospective, it is important to follow two rules:

  1. Vegas rule:

    „What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.“ Everything that is discussed in the retrospective stays among the participants of the retrospective. The basis of the meeting to improve collaboration is trust; only then is feedback possible.

  2. Golden rule:

    All participants in the retrospective treat each other with respect and appreciation. The retrospective is not about knowing better or assigning blame, but about the team becoming better and everyone being able to contribute with their skills and knowledge.


Variant soccer field

For those who like it playful, but also individual.

The soccer field is suitable for giving feedback within the team without saying. „You are …“, „You have …“, that usually works well. But you also have to be careful with it.

Ask yourselves:

  • Who was the best striker:in?
  • Who gets the red card?
  • Who was on the bench during the match?
  • Who sank a penalty kick?
  • Who missed a penalty kick?
  • Who was libero?

Always add a justification to your list.


Variant StarFish

For those who like it detailed and already have some experience.

! But be careful here it is especially the rule 2 to note!

Ask yourselves:

  • Stop Doing – What should we rather not do anymore?
  • Start Doing – What should we try out new things as a team?
  • Do more – What was good in the teamwork and should we definitely do more often?
  • Do less – What was not so good in the teamwork and should we definitely do less often?
  • Keep doing – What should we keep as it is?


Variant balloon

It is even easier with only two choices:

I have chosen the balloon as the symbol image. This retro is very popular with participants, especially at the beginning.

Ask yourself:

  • This gave me/us a boost.
  • This has pulled me/us down.


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