9. Q&A with Creator


Setup for Creator Q&A

To make the Q&A as smooth and effective as possible for you, you still need to do the following things:

  1. Register your team for one of the two sessions.
  2. In order for the creator to view your video in advance, please upload it to the appropriate folder by Sunday 06.10.2022.
  3. If you already have specific questions for the creator about short video style, editing or technique, collect them in a Wordfile and attach them to your video in the exchange folder, countersigned accordingly.

Note that only four videos can be discussed in each session!

Creator Q&A session

The Creator Q&A will be held digitally and is 60 minutes long.
After a short introduction by your moderator Julian, the individual videos are shown and discussed by the creator. He will answer your questions and give you tips and tricks on how to make the video or message even better. Of course, there will be enough time afterwards to clarify further questions.

Tip: Don’t forget a pen and paper. Be sure to take notes of the tips and tricks from the other videos.


Afterwards, you should sit down as a team for another 15 minutes for a short summary and plan the final shoot and edit.


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