#short explained

6.1 Speeddating

In the second part, the impulse is given by the participants by means of so-called speed dating. It represents a first user survey, so to speak.



What is needed?

  • Pen and a paper for the feedback, folded into a fanfold.

How does it work?

  1. Show your video to all the other groups one by one without further explanation.
  2. The respective groups (feedback providers) answer the questions below and write this in one of the leporello pages, and flip the section over.
  3. Ask yourselves:
    • What do I take away from the video?
    • What speaks to me in particular?
    • Do I have a spontaneous idea that could enrich the video?
  4. At the end, each group evaluates the feedback collected and moves on to the next phase of revision.

The duration should not exceed 3-4 minutes per group.